Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Second Life Credentials

Our fine prior colleague Wende Morgaine sends me this heads up this morning- It looks like curriculum to certify someone as capable in Second Life has emerged at Texas State Technical College- Neat!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A YouTube Treat

I think this video is an interesting expression- a mash up of images to
a song that weren't originally meant, but are a good example of how
something repeated after four minutes to a beat and melody can really
sink in if aligned with something already familiar- 'Slip out the back
Jack' is now going to remind me of trailer back doors and Jack
Nicholson. Is this valuable for education in any way? I think it is.
Some things still seem like they are valuable to be able to recall from
rote memory for speed, so until we have a meat link to databases,
memory it is. What do you think?

The more poignant thing to notice I think, is the comment down below by
djmorgan040446 that states "I like a lot of your favourites Planet
Unicorn but you haven't got this as one of them I notice. Considering
you're 16 and I'm 61 we have some tastes in common, remarkable. Take a
look at my favourites."

The comments on user generated content are where I find myself spending
a lot of time trying to make sense of how people are natively using
2.0 tools of the internet- how are they coming together to communicate
and share what they know with each other? Is this is where sense making
in a community happens? I present this one as fodder for anyone
looking for ways which technology helps us bridge generation gaps, to
find common ground in mashed up media.

Happy Hallowe'en!